You’ve Got a Choice to Make

May 9 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Mark 2:1-4

We can do the church life inside the walls of a church but it’s outside those walls that are just as important. The devil comes against us and tells us that we can’t do things of God but he’s a liar. Where are you at with your Christian life?
In this instance, there was a man that had palsy, an illness. the church was full and overflowing and there was no way for this man’s friends to get him to Jesus. Today, the churches are barely open and many sit empty. Jesus gave everything He had for us and the world.
The world has and will tell you that you can’t say or teach certain things but if they go against the Word of God then you have the authority. The world might throw you in jail but if Jesus is with you then you have someone with you at all times.
You must get to a point as a saved person that the world doesn’t matter. One can’t love someone while we talk bad about them. If we see someone that is doing something wrong or living a life of a sinful nature, we should love them and not judge them. Being saved means you have a testimony, share it. Our testimonies are experiences that are given as a gift that we can give to others. You don’t have to be a deacon or a preacher to share Jesus with someone. It’s not the sinner’s fault that sin is running rampant in the world today. The Christians have allowed sin into the church and their lives. We must first humble ourselves and seek God before He will do anything. We must repent before Him. If we as God’s people could get a revival started within their hearts then God would take hold of the sin. Do you strive for that revival? 
God has said, IF you live your life for Him then He would save your household. He’s never lied or change His mind. Do you live your life for Him? The devil doesn’t “make you do it”. It’s a conscious choice that you make whether you listen to the devil or God.