You Must Be Born Again

May 15, 2022

Series: Revival

Locust Ridge

00:00 . . . . . White Robe
03:38 . . . . . I Am Barabbas
09:24 . . . . . I’m Glad I’m Saved

12:42 . . . . . Reached down and pulled you out of the same mess.

You must come to the place where you realize that you are lost. You must also have an encounter with Jesus Christ. Unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of God, Heaven. The Bible teaches us that when we are saved the spirit takes up an abode within our new heart. One can’t simply reinvent yourself. It takes the Holy Spirit to show you and tell you that you are lost.

Are there any fruits of love, joy, peace, or long-suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ in you? Romans 5:12, Where do you stand with God?

If you are here and lost you are dead unto God. There is something that you need to do and that’s to realize that you are lost and in need of a savior. Have you ever had an encounter with Christ that changes lives?

There will be a time at the judgment when the sheep and the goats will be separated. He will tell the goats, the lost, to depart because He never knew them. Fathers, what path do you have your family on? If you are not saved then what path are you leading your family, and your children on? Men, if there was something that came against your wife or your children, you would stand up against it but, when Satan comes against them what do you do? Fathers, you better be careful what holds you back. The man of the house is the priest of their homes and they will be judged for how they run their households.

Religion or denominations will not get one saved. A religious man that could probably quote the scripture upside and downside. Before he was saved he was hunting and killing Christians. We live in a time and day that the world is out to get us. We live in a time when an abortion is praised. Satan is after our children, which path are you leading them down? One can go into a Walmart and preach about any god or cause you want and be okay, but the minute you mention Jesus Christ it creates conflict. Saul would have loved to walk into the church house tonight to kill us all but, there came a day that he had an encounter with Jesus.

Conviction can’t be brought by someone or something. A preacher can preach the best and most perfect message ever but He doesn’t do the convicting. God knows what He’s doing and things just don’t happen by happenstance. It’s not by accident that you are here. Jesus went on purpose but out of His way to a well just to meet a woman to give her life everlasting. God knows what you’ve done and your created religion and He loves you anyhow. When God changes your life it’s not for just an hour, day, or year, but an eternity. The longer one lives for Christ the sweeter it gets.