You Can’t Do Wrong And Get By

June 2 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Proverbs 14:12

To everyone, there is a way that seems right to them. A person does their own thing and yet wonders why things have turned out bad. Once a person is saved there is something in them that is greater than the flesh. A lot of people want to place blame on the devil saying that he made them do it. This is a lie because a person chooses whether they will do something fleshly or spiritually.

Judges 21:25
If you’re wanting a mess, just do what this verse says. Wake up making up your mind that you will let yourself just live it out. Do what you want to do whenever and however you please. In this country, we are headed in this direction. People want what they want when they want it.

1 Kings 15:5
In this reading we see the example of David and that he did what was right in the eyes of God. How many times do we try to compromise with God? If it violates the word of God then we ought not to try to change that. Have you ever thought if you were more like God then you would be better? You have it in your possession if you have a Bible. You have the book, the Word of God and if you’re saved you have the Holy Spirit.

1 Kings 15:11
Here we see that Asa also did as David and did what was right according to God. When you stand before God it’s between you and God and not between you and your neighbor or loved ones.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
God always has the recorder running. It never skips a track and never stops recording. If you want to do what the flesh wants then God records it and will bring that up if you don’t repent of it. If the Holy Spirit didn’t live within you if you’re saved then you would last one second to stay Holy.

Revelation 20
The lost and the saved will be judged. They will all stand before God and if your name is not found in the Book of Life then you will be cast into Hell forevermore, eternity. God will sort everything in your life, what you did and what you didn’t do and regardless of whether it was a secret or not.

1 Corinthians 3:13-15
The saved will also be judged but their items will be judged by fire. God will judge every person’s works, thoughts, way, and if it was not of God then it will be burnt up. There will be a great loss if you’ve done wrong against God. However, in the end, your name will be in the Book of Life and you will spend eternity with God in Heaven.

Romans 12:1-2
We have no excuse to not do right if we’ve been saved. It is responsible for the saved to live right. If one lives with their own eyes then they will surely fail, always. There is no pass just because you might be having a bad day. We should present ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable unto God. This is what would be reasonable. We should try our best to be above reasonable.

Philippians 2:5; 3:15
Jesus came and did exactly what God wanted Him to do. If we could only have the mind of Christ we could think like Him, but we do if we’ve been saved.

Romans 14:7-9
This is why it’s important to do what God wants and not what we want. If you’re saved then you’re the living. God wants to be the Lord of your life.