You Can Pick Your Sin, But You Can’t Pick The Consequences

July 31, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Genesis 3:1-13

We are all sinners. None of us are exempt from sin. How many of you have regrets about the sins that you’ve done? There are some things that you’ll do that are irreparable. There’s not an alcoholic, or drug addict that’s out there that thought that the first things they did would end as an addict. How many single, unwedded mothers decided to be that way, single and raising a child? How many couples want to get their marriage back?

Adam and Eve, had everything they ever needed because God provided everything they needed. They didn’t need the fruit. Eve chose to sin that she would forever regret. A woman would have never had pain when giving birth until Eve sinned. A man would forever toil over the ground just to eat, just to live. Young people, in the next 5 years of your life you will make choices that will forever change your life.

So how did this all get started? The first thing that happened is that Eve began to entertain ungodly council. There might be someone in your life that might want you to partake in something sinful but make it appear fun and enjoyable. A true friend would never want you to fall. The devil will never be your friend because he is a deceiver. Adam and Eve had it all but they lost it in just a moment of pleasure. How many loved ones do you have that have listened to ungodly council and are now living a life of drugs, sex, and alcohol? The price tags of these things can’t be changed.

The next thing she did was be careless. The best thing to not sin is to stay away from sin. When you begin to entertain ungodly council then you’ll become careless with it. You’ll then begin to indulge in the sin that you originally thought you’d never partake in. Sin will kill you. Keep sin out of your house, keep it off your phones, one look and you’re snared. With Eve she wasn’t even supposed to be around the tree, yet she was right over there next to it. She then noticed how pretty it was and how the fruit looked fulfilling. Eve knew the rules that God had said and even quoted them to the devil.

They were also cowards about their situation. Just as soon as she took the fruit that God told them not to take, she handed it over to her husband. Now he was there the entire time and he wasn’t blind to what was going on. Instead of standing up against the sin, he took of it too. After all of this, their eyes were opened and they begin to hide their sin. Instead of going to God for help, they wanted to hide. A lot of people when we get our hearts in the middle of sin like to avoid the church people, church house, and God.

Due to this simple sin of not obeying God, they ruined it for the rest of us. This was a sin that affected the entire world for all generations to follow. They were in a mess that they couldn’t get out of. However……… there is HOPE! You know even though they sinned and went against God, He knew, and yet He still came. Not only did He come to them He came calling for them. God should have just left them to the devil yet He came to them to help them. Once the egg is broken, it’s broken. When the water flows under the bridge, it’s gone downstream. One can’t fix the broken egg or make the water flow back upstream. Yet God calls to make a way to fix the brokenness and to give you peace throughout your journey. On Adam and Eve’s worst day, God came calling. God was waiting on Adam to respond. Right now there is someone that God is calling for and He wants you to be honest with your sin. Be like Adam and stand up, step out from what you’re hiding behind, and tell God the truth, repent.