Yet Without Strength

January 29 2023
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 5:1-6

Being born again isn’t something that someone talked one into doing. There are some verses in the bible that should stir our souls. There is a loving savior that loves the lost and wants them to be saved in order to be in Heaven with Him.

There are things in our lives that we will face that we are powerless against. Yet, when we are powerless, God has all the strength we need. There are some things that we are powerless against and God has the strength.

Being justified in front of God. Being lost means we have already been condemned unto death, Hell. There is nothing a lost person can do to be justified before God. Jesus Christ is the only one that has the strength to justify your lost soul before God. We can’t save ourselves. Being justified means “just if I’d” never sinned. When God looks down upon a saved person’s soul He sees the blood of Christ and not the sin.

Each and everyone person that is allowed into Heaven will get there the same way as the other person. There is no other way to get there than through Jesus Christ. One can read every gospel book written, sing every hymn written, and still have a lack of peace. The only way to have true peace is to be born again. There is but one way to have peace beyond any understanding.

How many times have you been somewhere and the door is locked? There is no way to get in unless someone lets you in. God allows you access to His grace by invitation only. Until He invites you in, you will not be able to enter in. His grace is forever and we are powerless to obtain it until He allows you in. People are trying to get you into this grace through the entertainment of the flesh but you will not know it until He invites you. “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” We are saved not by ourselves but through Jesus Christ Himself. His grace is what keeps you and saves you every day and the saved have access to it every second of the day. But while you’re lost you have no access to it and are powerless to it. Grace is unmerited. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are. It’s something that’s given out by someone. By grace, through faith, you’re saved, powerless.

The one thing that the lost will never have unless they get saved is something to rejoice over. The rejoicing is not in the security of this world or a relationship with something but within hope. We are powerless to rejoice in hope. “I never shall forget the day”, while we were without strength Christ came for our soul. The saved rejoicing is in the hope of a greater tomorrow. The tomorrow of Heaven knowing we the saved will live forevermore with God in Heaven.

Powerless to glory in tribulation. When the hard stuff comes the lost are powerless to the glory of it. Yet, the saved have the most overwhelming privilege to glory in the hard stuff through Jesus Christ. Through the glory or the hard stuff we gain patience, and through patience, we gain experience, and through the experience, we gain hope.

The lost don’t love God because they don’t know Him. But when a lost person is saved, they know Him. To know Him means they have a love for Him. Our very flesh is contrary to God. The saved are not ashamed of the Gospel because we love God. The hope that makes us not ashamed of Him comes from Him loving us. We have no control over His love, we are powerless over His love. We are powerless against the Holy Spirit. It’s like the wind and blows where it wants to.

We are powerless to do these things and all the while God is powerful to do them all.

Romans 5:8
Romans 8:32
1 Peter 3:18
John 3:16-18