Worshiping Through the Hard Times

November 7 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

God promised Abraham a son and a son God gave them and his name was Isaac. Sarah laughed at the thought of being pregnant at such an old age. Abraham believed in God cause he had trusted in Him for such a long time. As Isaac grew up there came a time that God once again came to Abraham. God told him to take his son to a mountain and offer him up as a sacrifice. Did this stop Abraham from worshipping God? No! Abraham didn’t have a clue why God told him this but he followed Him anyway. Abraham didn’t think twice about it, gathered the wood, and left with his servants. Once he got to where God told him to go he awoke, told his servants to stay behind and wait because he was going with his son to worship and they would return. In our own lives, it would have been difficult to worship God knowing that we would have to take our own child’s life. Abraham never wavered God’s command. Sarah was NOT going to have any more children because God promised that she would have one son. Abraham was so intent on following what God had told him to do, the angel had to call his name three times just to stop him and also had to steady his hand. A ram was stuck in the thorns because God placed it there for Abraham and Isaac to worship.

We often let our worship of God get hindered because of the circumstances in our life. Our worship shouldn’t waver because of our surroundings. Our worship should only be because we are thankful for what God has done for our souls. Don’t worry about the circumstances around you but the promises that God has given you. One of the greatest promises that God has given the saved is that He will never leave or forsake you. Just that one promise alone is enough to worship Him forevermore. Many churches are under attack right now. One of the biggest reasons is because the church members are focusing on their circumstances and not God’s promises.

It’s so easy to worship God when life is going well. Once something hard comes we want to put worship on the back burner. Are you going through something right now? Are you struggling with life? Are you saved, born again? If so, then worship Him through the struggles. Dwell upon the love that He has for you. The fact that He loved you even when you were unlovable. Kick it off with worship and praise to God for loving you and saving your soul.