Who Will Help Me?

May 22 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 34:1-8

We are in this thing together and in everything we do, we must exalt Jesus. Just because the recent revival is over doesn’t mean we should stop growing or getting stronger. We can’t help others if we are as sick as they are. We should not be divided or separated by other things.

Nehemiah 2
We’ve got a work to do.

Magnify the Lord
The more of us that begin to magnify the Lord the more of His presence will be with us. It’s the most important thing we can do. With a microscope, the object is magnified yet the object stays the same size. God is the same today, yesterday, and forevermore. The Bible itself will stay the same and yet we should examine it closely and in detail. As with a microscope, there is always a light source and the light of the Bible is God. When a person comes in the door of the church they should just hear about God from the preacher but the entire congregation. The body of Christ should assume the responsibility to magnify Jesus Christ.

Who is Christ?

  • Lily of the Valley
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Bright and morning star
  • Ark of salvation
  • Ram in the thicket
  • Fire by night and cloud by day
  • Kinsmen redeemer
  • Hands full of faith
  • Good Shepard
  • Rock
  • Fortress
  • The fourth man in the fire
  • Great physician
  • Merciful savior
  • Sovereign judge
  • First and last
  • Alpha and Omega
  • The beginning and the end
  • The He that liveth, and was dead, and is alive forevermore, and has the keys of death and of Hell
  • The Way
  • The Truth
  • The Life
  • The light and in Him there is no darkness
  • Savior
  • Friend
  • Elder brother
  • Wonderful
  • Counselor
  • The mighty God
  • The everlasting Father
  • The prince of peace
  • Son of God
  • Only-begotten of the Father
  • Blessed healer
  • The anointed One
  • The Faithful and True
  • Sovereign Creator
  • Spotless Lamb that taketh away the sin of the world
  • The friend that sticks closer than a brother
  • Lord of lords
  • King of kings
  • He is He that openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth and no man open
  • The amen
  • Faithful
  • True witness

When using a microscope one must focus the eyepiece to make the object clear. In studying His word we must focus on His word. This takes work. Examine the book. One can’t just shake the diamonds out of the book, you’ve got to dig for them. When you come into the house of God you should have been mining in His word during the week. This isn’t just reading chapters but studying them out.

Not only do we need to examine the Lord but we also need to exalt Him. If He is lifted up He will draw all men unto Him. You mine the treasure you should want to share it. It doesn’t do anyone any good to stick it in your pocket and hide it.

We should also experience Him. Stop eating off someone else’s plate and get it for yourself. He’s got plenty to give so get yourself some of your own. Is He not good? It ought to be a feast of glory each time we come into the church house.