Which Thief Are You?

May 29 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 23:39-43

On Calvary’s hill, we see three men. Two of the men were guilty of their wrongdoings. It doesn’t matter which side the men were on just as it doesn’t matter which side you are on today.  There are those that will come to salvation yet the rest will meet Hell at their death. There’s not one good, no not one. The question is, which one are you?
The man that had hung there just as long as the other and heard what the other had said. He didn’t believe in Christ. Luke 2:39, If you are Christ. The keyword in this man’s statement is “If”. He questioned if Christ was actually Christ. The cross of rejection starts with unbelief.
Luke 23:40; Having no fear of God is another cross of rejection. The very reason people get saved is because of the lack of Jesus Christ. Do you fear God or not. Most will say they do yet your life will prove this. We live in a world where people do not fear God anymore. At one-time people respected God regardless of being saved or lost. Businesses were closed on Sundays, chores were not done on Sundays, etc. Our school systems teach our children that God doesn’t exist therefore there is no fear in God.
Luke 23:41; Condemnation or judgment. If there is no accountability then one just lives how they want regardless of anyone or anything else. If you are saying there is no Heaven or Hell then you have no judgment or condemnation. Do you not fear the judgment of God? Most live how they want and say what they want because they don’t fear God therefore they don’t fear judgment. The cross of rejection says I don’t deserve Hell. I’m as good as the next person, I’m a good person. They mark their standard by viewing others around them. We are all sinners regardless of how good one is.
Luke 23:41; Unwilling to say Christ is right, the sinless God. 
Luke 23:42; Not asking for salvation. Those that go to Hell never ask for salvation.
The environment was the same and both men were both guilty of their sins. At the cross, it’s level ground and we are all the same and we all come to Christ the same way.