Where’s Your Heart?

May 16 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Galatians 6:7

We are living in a time where people want God but they live a different lifestyle. People run around stating they are scared to come to church but they go out and live a normal life. Some choose to put something in front of God instead of placing God first.

One can sow to the flesh, do things just to benefit the body but in the end, the reaping will be of things that will burn up. You’ve got a choice today and tomorrow whether you’ll serve God or the flesh. If you sow unto God then you’ll reap Godly things.

We know the instance in the bible when Jesus went to Mary and Martha’s and Martha had a lot of things to do for His visit. Martha was just like the rest of us when we have a special visitor come over to visit us. She worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was for Jesus’s visit. Mary however knew who was in front of her and she bowed and worship and listened to Jesus. Martha in the flesh got angry but the lesson is to sow to the spirit as Mary did.

Psalm 27:4-7
How many have come to church broken and couldn’t wait for it to get started? You just wanted to “feel” better. It’s not about a feeling but about what God says. It doesn’t change things just because you feel a certain way. Think about this. Most things that don’t feel good are good things for us. Most things that feel good are usually bad for us.

Satan wants to scatter the sheep. During this health crisis, he has managed to separate people from God and others. Even when there might be a vaccine people are still scared to go to church.