Where Are You With The Lord?

March 23 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

One day Jesus will soon step out and call His children home. More and more folks are asleep on God. Think about that time when Jesus steps out and calls his children home. What a day that will be. Are you ready for that day or will you be found asleep? We are heading into a revival soon in April. We should be awake and be praying for the revival to revive those that are asleep. We all need to be revived but we must get prepared for a great revival. In most revivals, the preachers have to preach on getting right the first 2-3 nights. Why can’t we show up already ready for revival?

You know if you heart if you need to be closer to the Lord. You know that. One doesn’t need to wait on the altar call to make it right with the Lord. Once one is saved it’s their responsibility to stay clean and be one with the Lord. Do you need to be a little bit closer to God? Sunday after Sunday, service after service we sit and act like nothing is wrong. We lie to ourselves and we lie to our savior when we have sinned and don’t do anything about it. He already knows and so do you. Just get rid of it!