Where Are You Casting Your Eyes?

January 9, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Abram & Lot were both rich men yet their eyes looked in different directions. They both were blessed with things in their life that their lives together became a battle. They made a decision that they would separate and go in opposite directions of each other. Abram didn’t care in which direction he went yet Lot saw the good of the land of Sodom so he set out towards it. Abram and his wife were driven by his love of God, this is why he didn’t care in which direction he went cause he knew God would provide. Lot felt that it would be easy living by heading towards Sodom.

We just like Abram and Lot we make decisions in our lives based upon our current situation. It’s easier to stay at home than go to church. The next thing you know you’ve quit church altogether. Since the pandemic, we’ve not seen some people come back to church because it’s easier to sit at home.

Abram bargained with God, prayed with God to spare the people of Sodom. God was going to destroy this city completely but Abram prayed for God to have pity on some. God heard his prayer and spared Lot’s family by leading them out with angels. Lot made his choice to live in this sin yet God loved him so much that he sent angels in to let him live. Sin has a price, it has a hefty price. Lot went to his family and begged them to leave with him because God was going to destroy the city. They laughed and mocked him. Lot and his wife left the city and just as soon as they left God destroyed the city yet his wife didn’t obey God and looked back. She immediately became a pillar of salt, she was disobedient.

In the beginning, we see that Abram and Lot had anything and everything. We then see Lot lose it all including his family, all of it. Lot knew God and saw God’s work prior to losing it all yet he chose sin over God.

Be careful in who you put your trust in. Which way have you cast your eyes? Are you looking to God for your direction or have you looked into the world? If you’ve drawn yourself into your own lusts then it’s sin and sin brings death.