When the Altars Fall Silent

March 29 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

We can’t say that God sent this virus. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there but this came to no surprise or shock to God. We’ve heard the stories about their elders going up to pray, talking about their elders having altars in the woods. This can be a time of revival if you let it.

A personal revival. How many Sundays have gone by at the ball field? How many altars have been made by the musicians, Hollywood, etc.? Now it’s been laid in your lap to make a decision on making your altar. Dad’s, you’ve been called to be the spiritual leaders in your house. Fathers, what’s preached from the pulpit should be practiced at home. If you’d get back to the family altar then you’d see things start to fall in place for the good. Fathers, if you want to give your family something that will be the biggest investment, give them Jesus, find your altar. You need to be building an altar. No one can blame the preacher, deacon, others for your lack of commitment to God. It’s all on you now. Until you get it right at home, you’ll never get it right at the house of God. There’s a lot of people today, Christians and the lost, that are scared to death. Their fear has got the best of them. The Christian shouldn’t fear the situation that we are in because God holds them in His very hands. Stop educating yourself with the news and educate yourself with the word of God.

A personal revival will lead to a family revival. Stop sending them to church and begin going to church. Did you ever think you would say, “When we get to go back to church…”? That first Sunday morning back will be a great meeting.

Habakkuk; He asked about Gods care and control. God hasn’t changed. He still cares and He’s still in control. We don’t know what Gods plan is but we do know His purpose. Everything is shutting down. Malls, movie theaters, stores, restaurants, even bars. Used to be bars were closed on Sundays, but now we know that there are more in the bars on Sunday that in the church house.

God has equipped us. Love on others, check on others, give food to others, help out others. God has closed the doors of the church because we become too comfortable in the house of God. You’ve requested the same prayer request over and over but never leave the pew to pray for that prayer. When the altars start to fall silent then we are all in trouble. Get back to the altar, make you a family altar.