What’s Your Excuse?

August 31 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 14:16-24

Jesus knows it all. He’s not confused and nor will He ever be. He doesn’t look past those things that must be taken care of. He knows our reasons before we know them.

There are a lot of people that have made an assumption that just because they’ve lived a good life, had a parent that was a good Christian, or attended a church without fail are going to get into Heaven. These people will miss Heaven if they’ve never been saved. Just because the preacher loves you doesn’t mean you’re going to Heaven.

God has made a great supper and He’s been in the process of inviting people to join Him. Just because you want to go to the supper doesn’t mean you can because you must be invited first. God invites and if you turn down His invitation you can’t go later. You can’t do or know anything that will get you to the supper. Don’t give an excuse to not accept His invitation.

The first man purchased some land without looking at it first. He had no time for God. Since he had already purchased it he owned it and could certainly look at his land at a later time. Do you have something that’s more important than meeting with God?

The next man had purchased some oxen in order to work the land. If your work is beginning to take over God’s time then it’s getting in the way. Your job will mean nothing to God at your death. Get your priorities in order if your occupation is taking over God’s time.

The final man just got married and stated he couldn’t go. Your earthly relationships should never get in the way of God. This man could have taken his wife to the supper too. Your family should be important but should take over God’s time. Think about your excuses, if you didn’t have those excuses would you still not have time for God? What if God removed those excuses, in this case, your family; children?

In the end, the man that made the supper was mad that everyone invited had an excuse not to attend. If you think God is mad now you just wait till you’re dead and you’ve excused yourself from His invitation.

The servants in this parable are the Christians. We are responsible to go out and encourage others to accept God’s invitation.