Whatever It Takes!

March 3 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Acts 16:14-20

People are usually okay for Christians to live amongst them but when a Christian starts to take a stand then they begin to have a problem. Christians have a responsibility to take a stand for God. Christ said that we would be hated for His name sake. Us as Christians should have a top priority of telling the lost that God loves them.
Take everyone that’s around you that’s a born again Christian and there is a guarantee there will be differences amongst them. But our differences are not what’s important, it’s the love of God that should be at the top, the focus.
Allow God to lead you thru the world we live in. We don’t want to take a stand or go against the grain because we usually don’t like conflict. Each person has their own mission field where they are at, not just in a church building. Most Christians live one lifestyle in the church house and live a different one outside of it. Don’t keep quiet and do nothing for God.
We must be willing to do whatever it takes for God. If it’s hugging a person, giving someone some food, calling someone up, it’s all in love. Love them thru Christ and He’ll do the rest. We can’t be ashamed of Christ. 
Acts 16:22-34
Paul and Silas
How many of you would be happy to be placed in a jail? What if you were doing what God had told you to do and then was arrested and placed in jail. Wouldn’t you not be upset and then start questioning God the Why? Many times we do things on our own that are disobedient to Gods plan and then when we get caught we want to get mad and upset and God.
It’s not the sinners fault that we are living in the world that we are in. They were not the ones that turned their back on God, the Christian did. The Christian didn’t stand up when they were taking prayer and God out of our schools. The Christian didn’t voice their concerns and stand when other sinful nature was legally put in place.
Don’t wait for a church or pastor to announce an upcoming revival. A revival starts with yourself and your relationship with God. Pray and ask God to revive your soul, it could be you that the people you know need to see revived in Christ. You must be willing for God to change you, revive you.
The Jailer
The jailer thought he was going to be killed because he thought the prisoners would escape. Paul and Silas stayed and told him to stay calm to which he calmed completely down and then asked how to be saved. Not only was he then saved but his entire household. 
God Knows
If you are one of the ones that are scared or living in fear due to an illness, God doesn’t want you to be scared. If a mask will make you comfortable to attend church, wear one. Do whatever it takes to help you attend and be amongst your fellow brother and sisters. God has everything under control and therefore you shouldn’t live scared.
We should do whatever it takes to bring someone to Christ. We must be willing and able to do whatever it takes. We should be showing others that God not only loves us but loves the sinner.