What Time Is It For You?

September 19 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Hosea 10:12-13

Yesterday it was announced that it was football time in Tennessee. We have a set time for hunting season to begin and end. However, what time is it for you? It should be time for God at all times. But not only should it be time we should have trust. We trust that when we work that our jobs will support us. We should make time for God and trust in Him for all things. We oftentimes don’t like God to come into our houses. Now it’s becoming a time that we don’t even want Him in our churches. Why is that, because we don’t like what He has to say about the sins in our lives. We don’t want to hear it. Why is that? It’s because we have to work for it. Our ground is rocky and full of weeds. To work the ground we must remove the rocks and weeds and turn the ground over. A leaf laying in a stream that is rotten on the top is turned over, it will be rotten on the other side as well. One can’t plant a tomato plant and expect a banana to come from it.

One can sit back and listen to the pastor preach the word, listen to your loved ones and neighbors and get all kinds of messages. We could take 10 people and ask them the same questions and get 10 different answers. It’s not about what you think but what God thinks. Thus saith the Lord!

If we judge ourselves by ourselves that will never work. But if we allow God to judge us it will begin the break up our hardened ground. What condition is your heart in? To work the ground it takes several steps to get the ground to a place that it will take seeds. Your heart is no different as it must be in a condition that it can accept God’s word.
When the sower is sowing it’s hopefully the Word of God. Your heart could be so hard that the seed just blows away or is taken by others. Your heart could be very rocky and the seed can never take hold. Your heart could be so consumed by earthly junk that it quickly snuffs out the seeds once they begin to grow. However, if your heart is of good ground and ready for the seeds to be sown then the seed will begin to take good root and will begin to grow stronger. Water and being fed are given by the Holy Spirit of God.

Be careful about who you follow and what you worship. Just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it from God. If a person comes in and begins to talk about denomination, leave it at the door. Make sure that the person is teaching about Jesus’ shed blood and His finished work. His work is complete as He said it was and no one can add or take away from it. If a person begins to add or take away from Jesus’ story then leave it at the door.

We tend to look at the circumstances and make our judgment all while God has already said not to worry or fear. We often don’t want to be in the valley but that is where we get our strength for the battle.