What Is Your Title?

August 17 2022
Series: Misc Sermons
We all have a title. The title you might have down here isn’t going to make a difference when you get in front of God. You might own a title to a boat, or car, or even own a nice home. None of these things will amount to a hill of beans in front of God. There are a lot of people that are going in the wrong direction. People fight and complain about a lot of stuff that doesn’t amount to anything. The only thing that will mean anything in front of God is if you’ve been saved, the blood applied. Once God rights your name He will never erase it. 
The things of this world are not the problem but they can be. If these things come before God then that is where the problem starts.
What’s your title?
Has your soul been touched and cleaned by Jesus Christ? If you’re not saved then Hell is your eternity at death, eternity.
What’s your title? Jesus has titles. Alpha and Omega, King of Kings. On the cross, He bled out and gave that blood to sinners to cleanse them of their sins. His blood is the only thing He’s looking for.