What Do You Have To Offer?

July 25 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Kings 5:1-8

Whether you’re great or small you’ve got something to share if you’ve been born again. At some point in your saved life, the devil will come to you and tell you that you can’t do something, the job. The problem is not the job itself but knowing the one that can. For most of us, we are not someone of great importance but if you’ve been saved you’ve got someone that is known for something worldwide. You can be little and see God do great things. We would not have this particular account if it wasn’t for the little maid. On social media, if you know something then you air it to the world.

A lot of people will talk themselves out of doing what God has told them to do. We have a responsibility to tell the great news to the world. Just in this story, Naaman had leprosy and he would always have it but there was a cure. The lost people of the world all have leprosy and will die due to it. It is our job to share the cure for their sin.

2 Kings 5:3; this little maid explained to Naaman’s wife that there was a cure in Samaria. Notice the exclamation point that is very limited in the scriptures. She knew this great prophet would heal her master. Just as her explanation we are just the same. We all as believers have the same information, we once were lost and now we are saved. What changes is how we got lost, the salvation is all the same. This little maid knew she wasn’t the answer. Think about when the great followers were all around Jesus and they were all hungry. The disciples told Jesus to send them on their way yet Jesus knew what He needed to do. So a little lad with his and only his lunch was brought forth and Jesus used his tiny fish to feed the multitude.

Thinking of the little maid, if she had sat into thinking then she might have talked herself out of it speaking. We are just the same. We start to doubt ourselves and the next thing you know we have all the excuses in the world to now share the cure for their sin, Jesus. Just do what Jesus has already told you to do. Jesus didn’t tell the sower to not allow the seed to fall on bad ground, He just told him to sow the seeds. It is not our job to figure out what is good ground or bad. God can take a sinner and make him a saint. We should share the good news regardless of how small we know we are.

In this time as we look around and see the people looking back, don’t they look hopeless? They look as if they’re just begging from within to just help. They are hopeless without Christ in their lives. When we peer into the eyes of the hopeless the “voices” within our minds began to tell us we can’t help. The truth, simply tells them that Jesus can help. Jesus can take your lost condition and turn it into a saved hope-filled life.

If you found out that you had cancer wouldn’t you want a cure to take it away? The lost of the world all have “cancer” and will die because of it. The cure for this “cancer” is and has always been there. We know the cure for it but we must share the cure.

The message is simple, don’t make it difficult. If you’re saved then you once were lost and now you’re saved. Simply sharing that fact is all there is to it. You don’t need to think of a great elaborate story to give, don’t change the story. If you are confident that you’ve been saved then you have the story, your story doesn’t require anyone else’s input or help. One more tip, your story is NOT for sale. Your story can’t be purchased for any price. Salvation can’t be purchased because it’s free because Christ has already paid for it.