What Are You Leaving Behind?

December 27 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Joshua 4:1-24

There was 2 things that Joshua was instructed to do. One was to pick 12 men, one from each tribe to lead. The next was for these men to chose a stone, a large stone that was to be carried upon their shoulders, 12 stones. For every tribe a person was chosen and those 12 men were to carry 12 twelve stones. These men were a representative of their family, tribe. Just in that time, we have men that should be a representative  of their households. Why should this take place? To show glory to God for eternity. The church building you attend, the foundation that was dug and poured, the pews that you sit in when you attend, people pass it everyday. When they look upon the building they wonder and think what goes on inside of it. Just in our lives, we might have a bible and that bible is what one stands on. When someone passes that bible is what’s left behind and it reminds those of what that person stood on. One must be careful what they choose in life and if they will be washed away when the troubles in life come along. The memorials of your life shouldn’t be set out to remember yourselves but to honor God. 
What are you leaving behind? What’s the legacy that you’re leaving? The stones are heavy to bare for Christ but it’s something that must be done. Money will quickly fade away but God will always provide the riches that will sustain. There have been pillars in our lives of folks that have attended church. Those pillars is what has kept us moving forward because of the legacy they left.
Carry those large stones of Christ so that others know and can see where you stand with God. This is a commitment that you must make and keep. Forever be visible for God.
God instructed Joshua to get the men and and the stones yet there was something that God didn’t tell him to do. Yet, Joshua went and did something in honor of God. He took for himself 12 stones and build his own memorial. He built his memorial on dry ground at the bottom of the Jordan River when God dried it up. When God allowed the water to return the memorial remained unseen by anyone but by Joshua and God. He made a covenant with God. No one can build a memorial about God for others to see until you’ve built one to God. One must be saved in order to understand the love of God. 
Where is your spot where you made a commitment to God? You better have a spot. No one else may not have a clue where that spot is because that spot is a personal spot between you and God. 
The memorials of the world rarely mention the designers or creators and that’s because it’s not about them. Just in this story, the 12 men are never mentioned. The work you do at that job you hold will amount to nothing in the end if it’s not for God. Yet the work you do for God and in His name will be a memorial for the rest of your life.