What Are We Gonna Do?

July 4 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

As you look around in the world in which we live we see and hear that the world is turning quickly against God. People live in a reprobate mind doing as they wish without any concern of their soul or God. Living amongst those are the saved and concerned. So what are those that are saved gonna do? One can ignore everything going on, get all of your information from the TV or news, or just stick your head in the sand and tell yourself nothing happening. All of this is wrong and goes against the word of God.

If one gets their info from the news or social media then you’ll quickly see that there is no hope. This is a lie straight from the devil himself because God has never changed and there is always hope in the Lord.

There is a lot of Christian people that simply can’t see. They closed their eyes to the glory of God that saved them and have opened them towards things of an ungodly nature. The truth will set one free. If you are living by just looking around and see things in a worldly view then you will begin to become depressed. You’ll start to think that the world is getting worse and there is no hope for it. There is something that you’ve forgotten and that is what one would call a secret but it’s not a secret at all. The Bible is very clear that what is happening is right on track with what God has said. At the end of time, Satan will be cast into Hell forevermore, God is in control and has never lost His control. Jesus Christ is still the king.

Our forefathers declared to England that they would not live under their rule. They left and came to this continent to start a new world. They declared that there would be no king but King Jesus to tell them what to do. We are free because the Truth sets us free. The Truth is Jesus Christ and if you’re saved then you’re a free person and no longer bound in the flesh. Are you convinced that there is nothing that goes above the power of God? Yes! How do we know? The Bible tells us so. We are NOT defeated and there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. What sets one free is not of this world but from the living, breathing, Word of God and it will forever set people free.

The snare of the enemy will pump the political garbage into your head and will make you listen to it other than what God has already said. This is why the churches are empty today. There were and are many men and women that felt the need to die for the freedom to worship a god. Still to this day, it is currently still that case that we are free to do this but there will come a day that it will become worldly illegal.

Are you questioning if God is still in control? Don’t be confused about the particular party that might be in the office at any given time. God is and will always be in control and He is not surprised by who might be sitting in the Oval Office. Either you believe that God is in control or you don’t, you can’t have it both ways.

Just because God doesn’t answer your prayer like you think He should have doesn’t mean that He doesn’t know what He doing or He’s not in control. He knows exactly what you need and what you don’t need. The Christian is the minority in the world by flesh number, however, they are the majority once God steps in the middle. God’s people win in the end just because nothing can stand against Him.

So what’s the weapon to battle with? Prayer. How do you get someone to see the invisible God? You pray to God for their eyes, their hearts to be opened for God’s work to take place. God comes in the volume of a book, the Bible, the Word of God. Because of this book, we can say there are more Christians than there are lost. Some people don’t read it, study, or don’t even own one or believe it. This country was founded upon God, the one and only and whether the world decides to waiver from that doesn’t matter if God is still in control. There isn’t a government that will rescue the country.

There is no reason for the Christian to be in despair. It might be against the law to worship God one day but we will still worship Him.