We Goin’ To Church Tonight?

March 31, 2021

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Hebrews 10:23-25

In today’s time we see more and more of the churches keeping their doors closed out of fear. Are you ashamed to share Jesus? Whether you’re ready or not, Jesus is coming back.
1 Corithians1:9; if you ever want to count on someone, count of Jesus. He is faithful and never changing. If you’ve been saved, He called you out from amounts others.
The church house is a special place for the believers to come together as one to worship, pray and love Jesus Christ. It’s a special place. Now in verse 25 we see that we are to be together as one in the church house. There are plenty of people that simply lay out of church.  Many of people don’t have a thing wrong with them and yet want to stay at home thinking they can worship just as good at home than they can in the church house. How sick do you have to be to stay home? That’s between you and God. 
We are to lift each other up. Let’s pretend that you’ve been beat down spiritually and physically. You come to church and feel the need to lay it all down at the foot of the cross. Once you bend your knee to pray you then hear the footsteps of others come to help. You feel the loving touch from your brothers and sisters and the whispers of them praying for you. What a boost this gives you.
If you can’t love one another then how can you love the Lord? It’s easy to go to church and raise you hands, shout but once you leave the church, does it become difficult to do the same things?
It’s much more than to attend church but it is a necessity to attend church if you’ve been born again. Don’t forsake the privilege of attending church. Quickly in today’s time, sin is growing faster and faster by the second. Just because you see a bible doesn’t mean it’s being preached biblically and by truth. You must know the Word in order to know what the truth is.
It is a God given right to be in church. A man can’t take that right away. One can’t be amongst the flock when you are not even in the flock. If the doors are open, be there. It doesn’t matter what day it is, if it’s open, attend.