November 10 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 1:16-22

God is still alive. He is still the same as He was in biblical times. In this reading, we see that the world is turning upside down. People are turning away from the truth faster and faster each day. Men and women lusting after themselves and of the same sex. These are things that are written in the Word of God that are sinful.

It’s easy to create an idol to take away from God. In biblical times they didn’t have what we have today and so they created physical idols. Beast of the ground and birds from the sky they worshiped instead of God. Today’s time we find just about anything can become an idol and take the place of God. We find all kinds of pleasures to take the place of God. There once was a time when some people worshiped a false god. They thought they were wise with this new god that they had created but they became fools. Their god was based on trickery to trick the people to believe that their god had answered them.