Trying To Be A Christian

April 6 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 6:43-49

Hypocrites. Someone that says they are one thing but are actually the opposite. A lost person can try all they want to produce the fruit of a saved person, but it will never work. A saved person can’t help to produce saved fruit because they’ve been grafted in. The importance of examining oneself to make sure you’re lost or saved.

Why do you say Lord, Lord yet refuse to be obedient to His word? You sing about Jesus’ love and how you love Him yet leave Him out. If it’s the Bible and it says to do it, do it. It doesn’t matter what you think about it. God said, do it.

A story of two men building their own house. One built their house on the unstable ground while the other chose stable ground. Just like these men, we are all building a house in our lives.

The next thing they were both going to experience is a storm. Just like them, we all have our own storms in our lives. No one is excluded by these storms in our lives.

The material which is used to build your house is important. One can pick items that can be consumed in a storm. Just as in our end time we will be judged by what we did, or built. Just because the material is easy to get doesn’t mean it’s of good quality. Satan is out trying to sell poor-quality material that we need to avoid.

The third thing is where they built their house. One of these men built their house on a rock, a firm foundation. Jesus Christ is the rock of our salvation and when the storms come we will be firmly planted. It’s not a question of IF the storms come but WHEN. We are all promised storms in our lives. As long as you are on the foundation of Christ then who can be against you? The other man built his house on earth or sand, it wasn’t a firm foundation. When the storms came the house was quickly destroyed. There was no holding power of the loose foundation. No matter how big or nice your house is when the storms of life come they will destroy you.