True Worship

November 28 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 4:21-24

There are times that the children get it right before an adult. Adults at times think too much into it and miss out on worship. An adult might be bashful or prideful and these things push the worship back. Worship doesn’t have to be something extraordinary but it has to be real. Some come into the church and want someone to get happy so they can get happy. If you’re wanting what is running over from someone else’s cup then you’re after the wrong thing.

The purpose of Adam and Eve was to worship God. God is the creator and a lot of times humans want to worship the creation instead of the creator. God made a way to be reconciled unto Him. He is worthy of worship and He alone is the only thing worthy of it. What we do matter. He created humans to worship Him therefore He’s not indifferent to that worship. He is not preoccupied with something else when someone is worshipping Him.

Humans have tried for ages to worship Him in the flesh. Humans will go to a football game and encourage their favorite team yet when it comes to the church house you’ll barely see them even showing up. So are we a church of worship or are we a church of no worship? We expect to sing, pray, preach and have Sunday School. Yet, God is expecting us to worship Him so why can’t we do that? So in all of these things, have we worshipped God? We can blame it on all kinds of things. The devil will give you all kinds of excuses to keep you from worshipping God. We owe everything to God, yet do we worship Him?

  1. It matters if you worship. A lot of people excuse themselves from worship. Most of the time only a few will be worshipping. We have more spectators than participators. We go to our jobs and act like we have no God. Some think that they only need worship on Sundays. What about Wednesday and Sunday nights services? Does God not want our worship every day? We should be worshipping not only with the congregates but by ourselves alone. Romans 12:2. One can sing thousands of hymns but if the heart isn’t right then it was wasted time.
  2. It matters who you worship. The object of our worship should be Jesus Christ, the one that gave His life for our lives. Everything we do should be about Jesus and Jesus alone. Our hymns should be about Jesus. We don’t sing, “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again”. There are six songs about the mother. Now we love mothers but we should not worship our mothers. There is no place for this song because it does not worship God but a mother’s actions. Mothers should be loved but not worshipped. They also should be worshipping the same God we do. When you’re singing a hymn, a hymn we’ve sung over and over again, you have it memorized, how many times do you just sing it? Stop and read the hymn instead of singing it. When you’re driving home from town, a road you’ve traveled a thousand times, can you name each road you’ve passed on the way? It’s a habit. Don’t let your worship become a habit of dumbness.
  3. It needs to be biblical. We stand during the first song because it’s biblical. We pray because it’s biblical. We pray at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, and sometimes several times throughout the service. We stand while the scripture is being read because it’s biblical. We sing the hymns that point to God because it’s biblical. 
  4. It needs to be spiritual. God is a Spirit. John 4:23, we should worship God in the spirit, small “s”. The soul of the human is invisible and to worship the Holy Spirit with their heart, their soul, their spirit. One can’t fake true worship. One can entertain and go through the motions, but God knows the truth. Do you think this matters? Cain and Abel offered up their worship. God accepted Abel’s but rejected Cain’s because Cain’s was not his best. Is your worship something that God receives? Is your worship your best to present to God? 

How do we concentrate our minds? A lot of us work at either a job or at home. Some people have an excuse of staying home because they are tired. Do you think your tiredness is worse than someone else’s? We all get tired at some point. The issue is the heart. If your heart is not right with God then you won’t want to worship Him. The pitch in which you sing a song does not affect God’s acceptance of your worship. Don’t let the excuse of singing off-key or out of time stop you from worshipping. Think about Jesus standing at the temple watching the people give their offerings. A little lady walked by and gave 2 mites and Jesus said she gave more than anyone. Others gave because of their abundance but she gave because her heart is in the right place. Just because you can sing like a bird doesn’t mean God accepts it as worship.