To Them That Love God

January 25 2023
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 8:28

A man that was just trying to live his life according to God’s way. Joseph was loved by his father very much, so much so that he gave him a nice coat. His brothers became very jealous of Joseph and made a plan to get rid of him. They place him into a pit in the earth to hide him in order to sell him into slavery

Joseph was just doing what his father told him to do. He was being obedient. How many times have you been looked down on for serving God? People don’t like it when they know you’re serving Him. They want to put you off and place you into a pit. Satan is out to shut down God and His followers. Satan will do anything and everything in his power to stop you from working for God and doing His work.

God already knew that Joseph was going to be placed into a pit and sold. Yet, no matter what God continued to bless him. As in your life, as long as you’re doing God’s business He will continue to bless. Satan will tell you that you’re a hateful person and hate others just because you stand for and with God. Not too long ago there was a certain respect for the church, God, and Jesus. In the state that we live in now, there is no longer respect for God and His church.

A Christian must do their part. They can’t just sit down on God. Many people think they are doing right, they think they are in the right. However, just as the leaves that fall from a tree to the ground are blown around by a slight breeze, they are dead and have no fruit. There are many dead leaves just as many dead Christians or lost people thinking they are saved. The Word of God tells a Christian that they must attend church. Not only does the bible tell the Christian this but the Holy Spirit that lives inside them also demands God’s house.

If you’ve been born again and are obeying God then all things that come your way will be a blessing. They will be a blessing because they are coming through God’s hands first. All things will work together for good as long as working and obey God. Your life becomes miserable when you begin to turn your back on God. Don’t drift away but if you do, ask God to help you and show you what has happened.

Through the persecution of Joseph, he saved his people. Just like Joseph, another man was sold out to persecution. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver, tortured, humiliated, and ultimately killed, sacrificed for everyone’s sins. Jesus saves anyone and everyone that would believe in Him.