They That Mourn

September 13 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
Topic: Beatitudes

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:1-4

In verse 4 we see an oddity. It’s the opposite of what we know. Mourning is often a sad time. There is not reference in the Bible where we see it noted that Christ laughed. However, we do see that Jesus often wept or mourned.
Psalms 51:17; How many of you are broken before God?
The lost will not understand these points because they lack God in their life.
Types of mourning:
  • Worldly

People can be sorry for losing a spouse, money, jobs, etc. but these things are all worldly. The depression that comes with it is sinful because often blame comes with it.

  • Spiritual

We often pray because we are burdened or broken and yet we don’t know why. Once we surrender unto God then a joy comes that only the sorrow can bring.

  • Natural

This is the morning of someone close to us that has passed on. This is something that both the lost and saved have experienced. However, no matter how great the loss, the saved will have the comfort and will bring the joy. The lost do not have the comforter and therefore look to worldly objects to bring them “joy”.

The flesh doesn’t like to mourn. The “man” wants to be in charge and force the tears back because it feels vulnerable. We often fight these feelings back because we don’t want to surrender. The most comfort that you will ever experience is when you are at your lowest and yet you yield yourself unto Christ. 
Until you’re broken you will never repent. Brokenness is a key element to forgiveness. Our country lives in their pride and will not humble themselves to God. A lot of people consider being broken an annual event. They only attend church on special events like Easter or Christmas.
People walk around doing what they want, when they want, and how they want. They are prideful thinking they don’t need God in order to do what they want. Our churches sit empty with hundreds on the membership rolls. Why? Because they think they need God and their flesh has taken over.
When you meet with God does He see you and humbled and broken? Does He see you as ready to do His work? We must be broken daily in order for God to use us.
What keeps us from being broken? What do you not want God to touch? God try’s to get you to release it and yet you keep holding onto it.