There’s No Middle Ground

May 23 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Genesis 4:1-16

We might think that God was hard on Able but we are humans and He is a Holy God. He knows when we are half-hearted and do not give our all. No matter what we do, we should do it 100%. There is no middle ground with God.

Able looked at what he had selected what he thought was the best and offered them up to God as a sacrifice or offering of thanks. We do not know if they were perfect items, only God knew this.

Cain on the other hand had his items rejected. It wasn’t because of what he offered unto God but it wasn’t Cain’s best. God knew what Cain had to offer and what Cain gave was not his best.

In the front of the bible, we see that God has no middle ground. In the back of the bible, we see that God didn’t change His mind about the middle ground. God accepts nothing but your best. How many times do you show up to church with your second bests?

Noah was instructed to build a boat and it took him a hundred years to do so. He followed the directions of God and the day finally came that the rains came. God shut the door and it rained and rained for 40 days and nights. All the while it rained he never stopped the rain to open the door to allow some to get on. How many times do you put something higher than God?

Abraham was told to take his only son up to the mountain and sacrifice his life. He did exactly what God told him and right when he was about to kill his son for the blood sacrifice, God held back his hand. Abraham didn’t place his son above God.

Many people will work throughout the week and then come Sunday they want to take what they think is theirs and then skip church for their pleasure. We can tell ourselves over and over that it’s okay and God understands why we do what we do but God does not have a middle ground. The very least we can do is our best.

Moses when challenged by those that opposed him he told everyone that whoever was on God’s side to come over to him. The earth opened up and swallowed those that stood against Moses.

Joshua was told by God to take a city and yet one man, a single man out of thousands stole and brought it back to Joshua’s camp. God knew this and stopped the entire battle to tell Joshua to get the sin out of the camp.

God is not in danger of the flames of Hell, we are! Most get up early and head to work to do their best for their employer. Yet, we can’t even work that hard for God. No matter what you are doing, do your best. When it comes to God, we should ALWAYS give Him the first and the best.

David was going to fight Goliath and Saul wanted to fit him with armor. David knew the armor was something he had never used and refused it but he knew how to use his sling. David went out and placed God first and slew the giant, Goliath.

Our righteousness is just like filthy rags. God knows this and yet when we bow before Him and offer our best, He gladly accepts it.

A widow that didn’t have anything gave ALL she had, 2 pennies. Jesus knew it and was blessed by the fact this woman gave her best. Jesus used this to teach the others that she gave her best, unlike the others that boastfully flaunted their givings.

Shadrack, Meschach, and Abendigo had to make a choice and they made their mind up who they were going to serve. They stuck to God and never bowed before the false god. They were even given a second chance to change their minds or die. There was no middle ground with them.

Daniel was told to stop praying. He didn’t change anything with his praying and continued to pray 3 times a day. He stood God’s ground.

John the Baptist stated he must decrease before God could increase.

From Jesus, you either repent or perish.

1 John 1

With God, there is no darkness only light. If we say we love God and yet walk in darkness, we lie. This is not a fast-food religion, you can’t have it your way. 

1 John 2:4

If you say you love God and do not keep His commandments, you’re a liar. Ask anyone if they are a Christian or going to Heaven and they will all say yes. Although, they don’t attend church and can’t even tell you where their bible is. If you love the world and yet also say you love God, you lie. You can’t love both.

Each time you come to church is a type of offering. Depending on why you attend is also an offering. There is NO purgatory, you are either in Heaven or Hell when you die. You will spend eternity in one or the other, there is NO middle ground.

  1. God can do anything He wants. He is the creator. The creation can not tell the creator what to do.
  2. God loved us all so much that gave His only son to be a perfect, His BEST sacrifice for our sins. This makes us the debtor. We owe God every breath.