There’s a Better Way

September 26 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 40:1-5

Whether you’ve lost or saved the sin doesn’t change. Sin has a great price tag. If a saved person plays around with sin they will soon find themselves backslid. In a condition where we can’t hear from God because He doesn’t play around with sin. God isn’t a spare tire and can’t be used only when you need Him.

How many times have you told God that you wouldn’t do something yet quickly you find yourself that you’re doing it again? He knows everything about us and what we do. How many times have you go in prayer and He didn’t answer right away? We should be waiting patiently upon Him. The number of times that He blesses us is innumerable. There are times when we have to pray more than once and then there are times that He answers right away.

The very proof of God’s character is His faithfulness. He doesn’t turn a deaf ear to His children. God doesn’t negotiate with sin and doesn’t let one thing go when it comes to sin. He requires all of it not just a piece of us. The longest of times is waiting upon the Lord.

In verse two we see a talk about a pit. A pit is something that once something falls into it, it can’t get out of. The only way to get out of a pit is by some help. The pit is usually camouflaged to fool what it wants to insnare. The enemy is a roaring lion and he disguises the sin as something nice. Sin has nothing to offer but death like a pit. David was bound in the pit by the sins that he had committed and he was unable to get out of it by himself. The only way out of the pit of sin is one prayer that can be prayed. The prayer of “help me” and “I’m sorry”. As long as you choose to live in sin the clay mud of sin will keep you stuck. Once stuck you can’t get out of it without some help. You fell in the pit because you were somewhere you shouldn’t have been. You got stuck in the mud because you didn’t know where you were going. Once you call out to God for help and repent of your sin, He will pull you out of the pit and the mud and place you on a rock and tell you how and where to go.

In verse four if we simply trust God no matter if we can see where to go or not we will be blessed. We ALL have a purpose in this life. If you’ve been saved He has placed you on a path of purpose. When your flesh tells you to go on a different and usually easier path, it’s a trap. The path of the enemy is always to the clay or to a pit. Stay on the path that God has placed you on.

What is the path that God has chosen for you?
If it was simply about manning up, work harder, then we wouldn’t need Jesus. But it’s not like this and never has been. When you fall into a pit it makes no difference how strong you are. You can’t get out of it on your own without help.