There is no Confidence of the Flesh

July 19 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Philippians 3:1-12

How many things hinder us in rejoicing in the Lord? One can’t measure another’s worship. Whatever it takes to worship God, do it. Don’t let anything hinder you in worshiping God.

There should be one thing that trouble us and that’s those that change the word of God. There are people in this world that tell false truths that add or take away from Gods word. One can’t change Gods word and it still be the gospel. There are still some that like to state what they think and not what God has said. They tell that the clothing, a particular way to dress is the way God favors one. Beware of those that tell you, you must do something in order to be favored. You’re flesh/righteousness is filthy and sinful and nothing you can do is of bringing favor from God unto salvation.

Circumcision was and is an outward, fleshly showing that is simply a work. It doesn’t say you are one way or another.

Beware of those that deceive and change the word of God.
Sign this card and you can go to Heaven.
Repeat this prayer and you can go to Heaven.

Phil 3:5-7
All of those thing that there was once confidence are all at great loss.
Being circumcised is fleshly example and means nothing.
Upbringing and who you know or come from, means nothing.
Obeying the law and never breaking it, means nothing.
Doing what you think is right, means nothing.

Christ is simple. There is but only one way to Heaven. Nothing needs to be added or taken away. Christ tells us that in order to live we must die. To get more, give more. These sayings are contrary to the flesh and what it wants. The world wants you to have confidence in self.