There is a Place by God

June 29 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Exodus 33:11-23

God wants us to experience Him. He wants to be changed by it. In the scripture Exodus 33:21; we see that God told Moses that there was a place by Him that He was going to place Moses. The best place you’ll ever be is beside God. Being born again is moving from where you currently are to next to God. The place next to God is a solid foundation. This place is Jesus. Not only is it a solid place but it’s also a safe place. The only part that God allowed Moses to see was just a sliver of Himself. This sliver completely changed Moses.

Jacob had to make a choice whether he was going to obey God or not. He had seen the vision and it scared him so he ran off. After many years God told him to go back. He went back and wrestled with the angel of God until God blessed him. It’s our choice whether we want a blessing or not. Go back to the place where you left God.

Naomi made a choice to go back home. Naomi was broken but she was going back home. She got to see God work in a miraculous way. Once she got back to God He blessed her.

The Prodigal found his way out in a sinful place. He left his first love. Yet he had to come to his senses and desired to go back home. Just as he could find no comfort in the hog pen. When you were born again you were beside Him. He had nothing better outside of his father’s side. He chose to go back to be by his father’s side. When his father saw him he ran to him, wrapped his arms around him, and told his servants to get his clothes a new ring, and to kill the fatted calf. They were going to celebrate his son’s return! Don’t accept the counterfeit of the devil’s goodness. The devil has nothing good to give and never will.

A man named Legend was posed by many demons. He lived in the places of the dead. There are people today that also live with the dead, the dead are those that are lost. When Jesus fixed this man’s problem the people came to see him and there he was clothed in his right mind sitting beside Jesus. Legend didn’t want to leave Jesus’ side.

There was a man named Bartimaeus a blind beggar that heard Jesus was coming by. He didn’t care that the people told him to shut up from shouting at Jesus. Jesus told the people to bring him to Him. They took him to Jesus and Jesus then healed him. It was at that point that Bartimaeus didn’t want to leave Jesus’ side.

Apostle Paul was on a road to killing more Christians. Yet God stopped him in his tracks and wanted him to change him to be by His side. God told him to go to the street called Straight and seek a man. God sent a man to Paul to give him his sight. Not only that but He changed his name from Saul to Paul after his conversion. Paul was completed changed from worldly standards to a Godly standard.

A person can’t love the world and love God too. Just go back to the place by God. Wherever it was that you left Jesus, go back to Him. He’s there waiting on you with open arms waiting to bless you and feed you.