The Work Of The Holy Spirit

June 27 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 16:5-12; John 7:39

Three things that the Spirit of God does that have never stopped. There will be a day when these things will stop and that is the day the


When the Holy Spirit reproves, you will be changed. When He speaks to you when you are lost you’re immediately convicted and lost. If you’re never convicted of your sin when you are lost then you will never be saved. We can call sin okay and even make laws declaring a sin is okay, but this doesn’t make sin alright with God. God has declared what sin is and that will never change because His mind is never changed.

The greatest sin is not murder, telling a lie, or anything else, but denying the Holy Spirit when He calls your name. If you deny His call and be saved then your soul is Hellbound. Not everyone is a murderer or a liar, but everyone is a sinner and can or could deny the Holy Spirit when He calls for salvation. One can’t be saved without the Holy Spirit’s calls. Every person will be given the opportunity to be saved.

The Spirit of God is not here to make one rich.


Convincing us of righteousness and this is done thru Jesus Christ. The people nailed Jesus Christ to a tree as IF He was a sinner and yet He was sinless. He took upon the sins of the world at death forevermore and died, yet rose again on the third and appointed day. It is His righteousness through God the Father that we are also made righteous. After His death, He rose and told them that He must go back to His Father so the Holy Spirit could come. 

We must be very careful when someone comes to the altar needing salvation. We can say one thing that could alter their path so as they listen to us over the Holy Spirit. God never said it was up to us to save anyone. Many will say Jesus was just a really good guy. Others will say that we can do what He did. God doesn’t need us for anything. We are not like God or Jesus and therefore we can NOT do what Jesus did. 

Where is boasting? There is none because whatever righteousness we have it is all of Him. 


Judgment is a work of accountability. We will all stand before God and not a single person will escape it. Satan, the prince of this world is and will be judged. We know exactly the outcome of Satan and that he has already been judged. Since Satan has already been judged, we will be judged also.

Convinced that we are sinners, the righteousness that can only be obtained thru Christ, and that there will be a great judgment of us all. This all takes place in just a moment at salvation. When salvation comes to someone they nor others know that it’s about to take place. Once the Holy Spirit comes to a sinner, a lost person, they know in an instant that they are lost.

Some will say the Holy Spirit is no longer needed in their life or church worship. This is a lie from the devil because without the Holy Spirit then it’s all in vain.