The Will Of The Father

August 18 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Isaiah 53:1-12

“This chapter is so replenished with the unsearchable riches of Christ that it may be called rather the gospel of the evangelist Isaiah than the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah.”
-Matthew Henry

Suffering, atonement, the guilt of man, His patience and sinlessness, glory

John 4:44; John 6:38, Luke 32:42
Jesus came into the world to do the will of the Lord. Jesus made it clear over and over again that His purpose was to fulfill the will of God. It goes beyond comprehension that a father would send his only son to die for someone else. What love drew salvation’s plan.

Isaiah 53:4
Suffering is part of being a Christian. Gold must be tried by fire to make it pure. To see the perfection of gold one must see their reflection in it to know how pure it is. God does the same to His children trying them to perfection to see Himself in us.
The soldiers were not doing something that God could not stop.

Isaiah 53:6
Jesus wasn’t receiving the sin, God was placing upon Christ the sin. There was such a thing called the scapegoat. A priest would “take” the sins of the people and “place” them on a goat. He would then take this goat and set it loose to take the sins away. God took every sin from every person past, present, and future, and place them all upon Christ.

Isaiah 53:10
How does one explain how it pleased God to bruise His only son? Jesus knew from the very beginning what He was going to do. God also knew what His plans were.
John 3:16-18; what it took for the Lamb of God to go thru makes this scripture mean more and more. God-loving the world, sending Jesus to suffer for our filthy sins.

God so loved the wretch, the unworthy, the heathen, most vile amongst us, that He GAVE His only begotten Son. He ordained everything to happen concerning Christ. In Jesus’ resurrection even then He was telling them that He was to be appointed to suffer for the world.