The Voice of God

March 22 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

My Civic Responsibility
1 Peter 2:11-15

The Voice of God

Some will confess in times like these they would say they are fearful. But, in every circumstance God is still the same, He never changes. He is faithful, in the good and the bad.

Would you ever believe that ALL of the sports would be cancelled? Would you have ever believed that ALL of the school systems would shut down a force the students to learn from home? Hollywood, concert, gathering, churches, schools, colleges….. all shut down. People are not working, they are now at home. Who would believe that anything could shut America down? Have you ever wanted more time with God, children, family? Today you have that opportunity! Who would have ever thought that God could have used something like this virus to bring us out of the mad house and slow us all down. In almost 1 week everything has shut down. Parents now have opportunities to look their children in the eyes and see what’s important.

God speaks. The voice of God is clear. At times we have problems hearing Him not because He’s not loud but because we have things blocking our ears. God spoke to Abraham as a friend but Moses heard Him thru a bush and yet other times on a mountain top. Regardless of the time, God has always wanted to speak to man. A still small voice, a donkey, a fire, a cave, God speaks! Now there was a time when God didn’t speak. Think about if God stopped speaking to you.

We are bombarded by all kinds of devices as to where we are able to get a message instantaneously from anywhere in the world. Yet the most important message we often find lost within these device or not at all.

The question, how does God speak now?
If you think the way you need to live is like those in Israel, that is incorrect. God has put most all of us at home. You have more time to hear God speak then you’ve had in years! Don’t miss what God is trying to do and say. God doesn’t live in the panic or the lies of the world and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself in a panic or caught in the lies. Don’t be controlled by social media or indulge yourselves in the news. You won’t find peace in those things.

Immerse yourself in the word of God. Pick it up, read it, study it, live it!
The voice of God is the greatest thing you’ll ever experience.

Always remember, God never changes!