The Trying of Your Faith

September 5 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Peter 1:3-7

God doesn’t test us to punish but to grow us. Just as a tree is bent by the wind to stretch its bark for growth, without the wind the tree wouldn’t grow stronger. If God has spoken then you better obey Him. Your faith must be tested and tried for it to grow. When God spoke to Abraham to take his only son for sacrifice. Abraham did just so and took up his son and went to the mountain top. He then prayed to God for the sacrifice because there wasn’t one there. While climbing the mountain Abraham’s faith grew because he knew God would provide no matter what. God never stopped working with Abraham on his journey. Abraham had no idea what was going to take place but he had the faith that God would come through.

Through the tests of God, we can’t do it ourselves yet we have a responsibility to trust Him. While it took obedience for Abraham to do what he was told by God, it also took perseverance. He had to continue up the mountain all awhile of the test of his faith. He continued on never looking back. When the test gets hard don’t give up on God, pray harder.

Abraham had to climb up his mountain of test. There isn’t anything that we haven’t been into that God will not provide a way out. Abraham had no idea that God was going to have a ram walking up the other side of the mountain. God sent David into his battle with Goliath and provided a way out with the small smooth stone. The trying of Jacob’s faith was with a fight with an angel. He refused to turn the angel loose until he was blessed. Jacob had to give up on everything before he was blessed by God. The trying of your faith by God is more precious than gold. God is not to push you down or torture you but to build you up. There will never be a time that God will turn His back on you. He will always put a ram in the thicket for you.