The Things We Forfeit As A Prodigal

June 9, 2024

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Psalm 51:7-13

We look in the mirror and tell the one looking back that everything is alright. We lie to ourselves all the time. 
David was a man blessed by God. Yet David became idle with God and slipped into sin. We then read about his life and its intimacy between him, God, and his downfall. Don’t ever think that his life could never happen in your life. All it takes is one time of becoming lax on God and you’ll fall into the devil’s trap.
If you’ve been born again and done something sinful then you’ll feel the dirtiness in your soul. The dirty, nastiness that sin brings should bring forth the desire to be clean again. Repentance to God is the only way to be clean again. The world’s heart is so dirty that it’s scaled up and can’t be penetrated. Only God can break through the scales or dirt of the world’s sinful desires. 
God knows how to correct His children. Only in love does He chastise His children. Being in sin means you’ve traded your gladness for sadness. In David’s life, he once wrote praises to God but quickly began his regret his sin. If one continues to live in sin one will forfeit the gladness of God. Repent if you’re living in sadness.
It feels good to feel good. Your sin is ever before God if you have it. It stands between you and God. It will take away the cleanliness, the joy, and the contact with God. It brings shame to ourselves. We play the game of, as long as no one knows about the sin we are okay with it. However, once someone knows about it, we feel shameful. One doesn’t have to live that way. Once you repent to God and He forgives you, did you know that other believers forgive too, and love you just the same? 
It’s important to God that we live right and be clean. God is not shocked by our stumbling, yet is saddened when we choose to sin and not ask for forgiveness from Him. He wants to make you clean. One can ask a backslider why and what you’ll usually hear is that it’s someone else’s fault.
When a saved person decides to live in sin they will soon feel alone and unwanted. God never leaves them but will pull Himself away because He doesn’t like the sin. God never forsakes His children. The devil wants you to give up and makes you feel alone and unloved. It’s hard to live around a backslider. They have a wrong spirit in them and they have an unloved feeling. 
Joy is instantly gone once a person lives in sin. Joy can possibly be found in small things but they are always fleeting, never long standing. Just knowing you’re saved produces a joy that out-ways everything. 
Turn from your sin. Repent of your sin. When you do this, God will pick you up, clean you up, and set you back on the straight and narrow path. One doesn’t have to live apart from God.