The Suffering of Our Savior

March 5, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Matthew 27:32-44

Many people died on a cross at the Roman’s hands. It was common for them to make a mixture of cheap wine and myrrh. It was basic anesthesia to help aid the suffering. When they offered it up to Jesus, He refused it. When allowed to help end His suffering He refused it to take upon the fullness of our sins. He took our suffering and death. Only Christ could do this. Any part of the suffering that we should have and should be our penalty, Jesus took it. We should be grateful for the love of Jesus.

Jesus knew He was going to suffer before He was born into this world. 1 Peter 1:2-4
He knew what He was going to have to do and yet you turn Him away. He knew before He was born that a cross would be His end. No comfort, just a suffering end. Did He really know? Yes.

Isaiah wrote about Jesus some 750 years before Jesus was born. Isaiah 53:4, there was a carrying of grief that Jesus bore. Our flesh grieves over things down here that we shouldn’t grieve over. Yet Jesus had such grief that His sweat became great drops of blood while He prayed for us. Just the sheer fact that He was sweating this much is more than we’ve ever experienced. The sorrow He had was more than we have ever experienced.

Isaiah 53:7; when they came to get Jesus He would have to stand before some kings. Not one time did He say anything. When they blindfolded Him and punched Him, they wanted to know who did it. Even though He knew, He opened not His mouth. At any moment He could have whispered anything and stopped all of His sufferings.

Isaiah 53:5; bruised by the hitting and beating of the hypocrites. The leather straps with pieces of bone He was whipped with. With each strike, those bone fragments would tear into His skin and rip the flesh from His muscles and bones. His flesh hung from His body as torn rags. Yet He never opened His mouth and took every bit of the punishment.

Isaiah 53:6; on the cross they humiliated Him. There weren’t many there at the cross that was for Him. His mother was there, and John was there. More than likely some watched from afar keeping their distance. This that looked at Him hanging on that cross they were looking at the one that created everything. Yet they shook their heads and mocked Him. Jesus would then tell His father to forgive them because they didn’t know what they were doing. He didn’t die on the cross to save Himself. He went through ALL of it for you and me.

What will you do with the crucified Christ? Jesus has the power to lay His body down and also lift it up again. There isn’t a person that can just make themselves die. Just because you want to or try to doesn’t mean you will. Jesus laid His life down. Jesus’ flesh was dead and was placed into a borrowed tomb. Borrowed because Jesus didn’t need it. The Romans thought they had won by getting rid of Jesus. It was early in the morning by custom they were to anoint His body again. But what they discovered was a missing body from the tomb. Jesus rose from the dead And forever lives. He did all of this for us because He loves us so much. It was ALL for you.