The Sincere Prayer

May 3 2023
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Acts 12:1-11

The church prayed for Peter. They took on a burden for him. Isn’t it great to know that the church of today still has burdens for the ones they love? There are people sitting amongst us today that we have continuously prayed for. Prayers for our loved ones are not just for the lost or backslid. These people usually don’t pray for themselves. A backslid knows they are not living right so they don’t like the conviction. The lost don’t know they need the love of Christ. We often underestimate the power of prayer. God wants us to call out for our loved ones to Him. It’s hard to walk a Christian life just because we are not of this world. We need to get serious about our prayer life. We all have someone in our life whether they are family or friends that are lost and if they die will lift their eyes in Hell. Call out to God on their behalf. If we are not concerned about them then why should they be concerned? They need us to call out for them. God is the only one that knows what it will take for a person to either be saved or come back home. We should be giving everything we have to God for the lost and backslid of our lives. The time is now! God could call His people home at any second. According to the scripture, there is nothing left to happen to usher Him in.
It takes all of us to work and do our part as one body. When one member is down it hurts the rest of the body. Lift that member up in prayer so they can help the body. Your attendance is crucial for the body to grow and be serious. You should be in attendance at the church services, in the prayer meetings, in the revivals, at singings, etc. These things grow the body and make it stronger. With each absence you create against the church body you will become weaker and weaker in Spirit. Your weakness hinders the body in its growth because its members are hurting. 
1 John 5:13-16; we have the right and the ability to confront a person with LOVE. 
James 5:16; a persistent prayer God will hear. Keep praying, don’t stop. When you pray you must believe. 
Matthew 5:18-19; God can do ANYTHING!