The Reflections of the Seasoned Christian

September 4, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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A Christian should think back and see why they’ve made it this far. They will always see that it wasn’t them that got them where they are but Christ.

Psalm 23
Thankful heart, an in awe heart, and a claiming heart.
Caring, comforting, confidence, presence, power, providence.

A Christian should be shouting because God is the good shepherd. Not a single question is in Psalm 23 but clearly a statement and could even be a declaration.

Jesus knows where the green pastures are. These are areas of nourishment and water for the soul. Jesus IS the green pastures. How many times has God told you to not stop here even though it looked fine? He knows!

It’s Jesus’ righteousness, not ours. He guides and keeps us on the right path, His path.

The confidence in the shepherd. Once one is saved Jesus removes and cleans the sins and takes up an abode within the soul. Sheep are not smart, they do not have any defenses. They can’t run fast because they are awkward runners. Every day for a sheep is life and death. As a Christian, some things can destroy them. There are things that Christians can’t see that the devil likes to destroy. An example is depression to the point of death. A good shepherd will protect his flock from certain death. How much confidence do you have in Jesus? Worship can be done in silence but praise is something that is done aloud.

There are times as a Christian when the enemy will come at us but if we are in fellowship with God then He will not allow the devil to touch us. A sheep will get parasites and the shepherd will pour oil on their heads to protect them. Just as a Christian God anoints our heads to protect us from the devil and not just our heads but our entire soul forever.

There are only two places where you will live for eternity. Your choice is either Heaven or Hell and no other. A lost person will spend eternity in Hell. A saved person will spend eternity in Heaven.

Is the Lord your shepherd? If so, all of these things are yours, promises that can’t be broken. A Christian will get down in this life at some point or another. But, a Christian should never get down and stay down.