The Purging of Our Sins

April 16, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-3

If you’re just removing something you would use another term to simply cast out, but purge is to simply remove completely. Purging means that you force something in behind it to replace it with something else. Being saved means that the sin was removed and the Holy Spirit moved in to replace it.
2 Corinthians 5, 1 Corinthians 3, This body today is a temple and it will house something. Before one is saved it houses the sin, the flesh. However, after salvation takes place the sin is removed, the old man leaves and God moves in. A new desire is placed inside the temple. The old habits are removed and new habits are made new. The religions in this world have been cleaned in their minds only. They claim to be saved yet their life does not reflect it. The religious have never been purged or saved.

Adam & Eve’s eyes were opened once they disobeyed God. They tried their best to hide their sin from God. They tried to purge themselves of sin. Nothing can be hidden from God because He knows and sees it all. You must be converted in order to be saved. The flesh wants something to occupy it. Old habits are hard to break. When the old man dies the habits die with it. People that think they are saved try to live like a Christian but without a purge, they are unable to. It’s common nature to try to fix things. People try to make resolutions each year to be better people.

Matthew 12:43-45

A person can get relief by confessing their problem but all they’ve done is swept it under the rug. However, just because one has “cleaned their house” doesn’t mean that they’ve been saved. If one believes that all they need is to have a clear conscious to be okay with God, this is a lie. Being saved, or purged means that the old self is removed and replaced by God. This means that nothing else be live there but God. If one is saved they can’t be possessed by an unclean spirit.

If there has not been a change in you then you’ve not been saved. It’s simple, you can clean a “house” all you want to, and you can garnish/decorate it all you want to. If it’s not been saved it’s just a cleaned and decorated “house”. It doesn’t mean that God moved in, or saved.

Salivation means that there are no gaps between God and the flesh/sin. The sin/flesh gets pushed out and immediately the Holy Spirit replaces it. There is no room for both sin & God to live in the new house.

God does the purging, not us: Hebrews 1:3. When God purges He removes everything and anything that get’s in His way. Have you been purged? If you’ve ever tried to clean yourself up and then you start to attend a church you’ll quickly find out that you can’t do it. You can clean up your act but when the devil comes back he’ll bring many demons with him. You will be worse off than you were before. The worse is yet to come.

How can you be purged? It’s all Jesus! Hebrews 9:14; the blood of Christ purges sin. Proverbs 16:6; the blood of Christ is not a covering of sin, it doesn’t hide the sin, it purges the sin. The mercy of God is full and Jesus said that He was the truth. It’s simple, you don’t need a 12-step program, you just need Jesus.

Have you been purged?