The People Will Perish Foolishly

June 5, 2024

Series: Misc Sermons

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The preacher’s job is to warn the lost of their impending doom if they don’t get saved. 

The word of God shouldn’t be sugarcoated. Sin is sin and it should be said as such. God gives us our needs, not our wants. Just because you do something doesn’t mean you’ll get something. Many churches are out there preaching a false teaching that if you name it you can claim it. That’s false teaching straight from the devil himself. 

People want as much of the world as they can get. Making as much money as you can stand means nothing at your death. A billionaire will die just the same as a poor person. The only thing that makes a difference is salvation. The world can never satisfy the heart and people are trying to fill it with as much of the world as they can. 

Being backslid on God will cause great grief. Your life will be hard a difficult until you repent of your backslid way. If you die being backslid then you will meet God with sin and He will deal with it. The warning is to get your life straightened out with God before He has to straighten out.

You need to know who you’re talking to. God will not tell you not to read your bible. God is not going to tell us that it’s okay to skip church. The devil wants you to be worried about a lot of things. The wars, rumors of wars, our government, the lack of our government, these worries are from the devil. If you’re saved then you have nothing to worry about. A saved person might have to go through some tribulations but they win and have help through it all. Don’t let the devil keep you from getting to an altar. If God calls you, answer Him. 

God created Hell just as He created the earth. He didn’t create it for us. He created it for Satin and his angels. If you die lost you will enter into Hell as an unwelcome intruder. You will not be “partying it up” in Hell. The people in Hell pray harder than anyone because they want to die and can’t. They want out but there is no exit. They forever are burning but never burn up.