The Man That Buried Jesus

May 10, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 19:38-42

The Bible mentions a person we should take note of, yet when it mentions one several times we should pay attention. Joseph of Arimathaea is mentioned several times in the Bible. He was memorialized just as the woman that broke the alabaster box.

His response.
He was a secret disciple. There are many out there today that hide behind their fear. They are saved yet do not serve Jesus Christ. This man Joseph was afraid to step out to do what God called him to do. Yet, while he was unwilling to stand before stood up at the crucifixion. It changed his life to witness the crucifixion. Just as many today the death of Christ changed their lives. A Roman Centurion was also standing at the feet of Jesus while He hung on the cross. When God turned His back to Jesus and He died the Roman Centurion spoke out and stated that this man WAS the Son of God. Joseph’s response caused us to see his faith. At the cross, all of the disciples fled out of fear except for John. Joseph also stayed there and was changed. His response was that he would step forward and boldly crave Jesus’ body for burial.

His faith went from a secret to a sure faith.
Just as Zacchaeus he had to climb up a tree to grow his faith. Joseph had to see, and witness the death of Christ to grow his faith. He knew that there was something about this man named Jesus but once he witnessed it it affected his faith. Think about your own salvation. What you didn’t believe before changed in a split second to a belief that you can not deny. What was your response to the cross? What is your response to Jesus Christ? Is your faith a climbing up faith just to climb down?

His resolve.
Not one disciple was memorialized for the burial of Jesus Christ except for Joseph. There ought to be encouragement for us through his faith. How many times have you tucked your tail in front of Jesus? There are people that won’t even attend church. Joseph did all of that for a dead savior. He did all of that while Jesus was dead. He didn’t know that Jesus was going to rise again. None of them understood what Jesus had told them that He would rise again. We can’t even do it for a living savior.

The cost he was willing to pay was extraordinary. Just going in front of Pilot and begging for the body of their “enemy” was great but he lost all social standings. He was willing to give up everything he had worked for, for a dead savior. What once brought him great wealth he gave up willingly. What keeps you from Jesus Christ?
Not only did he lose his social status and his job, but he also purchased a lot of expensive items. He couldn’t have done this in a split second. He didn’t have time to do this overnight. He purchased fine linen just for the burial. Not only was Joseph involved but Nicodemus was there to help. How many times does it feel that you’re alone with Jesus? Nicodemus showed up with a hundred pounds of ointments. Just the two of them were there to take Jesus from the cross. Can you imagine the blood that covered them as they removed Jesus’ body? They were invested from head to toe.

His reward.
After Jesus rose from the dead He walked on the earth for 40 days. Think about this. Jesus didn’t tell Joseph to do any of the things he chose to do for Jesus. Do you think Jesus was thankful? Even if Jesus didn’t thank Joseph for what he did for Jesus, think about Joseph’s death. When Joseph opened his eyes in Heaven at his death He would be in the presence of Jesus Christ. He would shake hands with his savior.