The Healer Is In The House

April 24 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 5:1-8

How long have we all laid around in our own sins and sicknesses? How many times have you been in the pool but it wasn’t troubled? Will you be made whole? If you have something in your life, God knows it, if He asked if you wanted it removed would you accept it? The day one gets saved is a day that you will never forget. This man that laid by the pool had laid there for 38 years. Then the healer came by and ask if he wanted to be healed. He accepted the offering and was made whole.

John 5:9
The world looked at this man after being healed and told him he didn’t do it right. It was the sabbath and works were not to be done. Yet Jesus healed this man regardless of the day. Do you realize that the world still to this day tries to hinder God’s work? Sometimes a parent can hinder God’s drawing work on their child.

Have you forgotten that you’ve been made whole? The first thing this man did was go to the temple to honor his God. Many people today have forgotten what God has done for them and refuse to go to God’s house to honor Him.

Salvation is not an excuse to sin. Teach your children the truth. There are some so-called churches that teach the children that if they signed a card to be saved they can then live their lives however they want and still go to Heaven. This is a lie straight from hell.

The new-age churches will beat the church down that preaches and teaches the blood and the sin to people. These are things that are frowned upon in many churches.