The Hard Things of Life Produce the Good Things of God

July 31, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 2 Kings 2:1-14

Romans 5:3-5
Tribulation often brings good things to our lives. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s from the devil. God has a better purpose for you than you could ever think. The hard things bring you closer to God, not away from Him. If you just follow God in your life He will bring you through anything. When the hard things come and it feels like things are just falling apart, look to God to bring you through it. You’ll never experience God fully until you experience the fire. With every tribulation, God recycles it to bring good out in your life.

The fruits of the Spirit, there are some we like but others we dislike. Patience and long-suffering, are hard to swallow.

Elisha had a great man of God for his mentor, Elijah. He learned through the hardships of life how to look to God for his help. Each time a hard thing comes into the life of a Christian it’s not by mistake or happenstance. They are brought on at just the right time in your life. The tribulation of life should not cause you to cower and become bitter towards God. Tribulation works patience and this is a great thing that we need to learn. God isn’t a genie in a bottle or a magic wand. Never leave God no matter the tribulation in your life. If the purpose of something that comes into your life causes you to fall, it’s not of God. God has a greater purpose that will cause you to climb, and grow with Him.

Patience has its own workings. Each person is in their own stage of growth in God. No matter which stage of growth you’re in, make up your mind on whom you will serve and trust. There is not a single person that’s in control. Experience is something that comes with patience. Stick with God regardless. Elisha had experienced the mantle of Elijah several times because he had the patience to stay the course. You will not experience the miracle of God if you give up before the outcome.

Experience produces something as well and that’s hope. The things that you go through that when the end of them comes you will know what to do with them. Most give up with patience because they can’t be steadfast and unmovable. They often miss the hope, then end at the tribulation. This type of hope will never disappoint. There are things in our lives that we hope for and they will often fail us. But through tribulation, patience, and experience the hope that comes from this will never disappoint.

Make up your mind and decide to stick with it in your tribulations. Where’s your commitment to Christ?