The Great High Priest

July 12 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Hebrews 4:14-16

The Christian must hold fast to the profession of faith. No more wavering. No more going back and forth. A lot of people just go around complaining about this and that and seemingly act like they are never happy. If you’ve been born again then you’ve got Jesus. This doesn’t mean that you’ll always be happy but one has Jesus to help you thru. You do realize that each and every person is completely different than the other. Not a single person has the same DNA as the next. This means we are all unique and won’t always see eye to eye. You’re not always right and neither is the next person. The only perfect person is Jesus.

In order to get the first one has to get number two. When Jesus called your name and you accepted Him as your personal savior, He wrote your name down and you have your very own seat at His table. No one else is allowed to sit in your seat and you can’t sit in another’s seat. You can keep your faith If you come boldly to His throne. So what does it take to come boldly to His thrown?

Mercy. We are a sinner and need the mercy.
Grace to help. The unmerited favor of God.
Meet. We must meet Him.