The Grace & the Love of God

August 22 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Ruth 2:1-23

Ruth was a woman that made her mind up to follow God. In this reading we that God put Ruth in the right field. In a Christian’s life, God will put you in the right field to do His work. We ought to trust God that He knows what’s best for us.

God put Ruth into the view of Boaz. God has a hand in putting a couple together for life. God blesses in all kinds of ways but He certainly places couples together. Grace prevails when it comes to God and Christian couples.

If one puts their faith in Jesus grace will prevail in all your needs. God’s grace should still amaze you. There is nowhere else to go other than staying in your Fathers field.

Ruth 2:11-12
We see here the heart of Boaz to begin to be revealed. God put Ruth into the heart of Boaz. We should be a Christian for a payment. However, there is a day coming where we will be “paid”. God will reward those for their commencement unto Him.

Ruth 2:14
The grace of God will put you at His table. Boaz welcomed Ruth into his house. She wasn’t supposed to be with Boaz because she was of a different nationality. However, Boaz welcomed her in and even feed her at his table. It was hard for Ruth because she had to trust Boaz that nothing bad was going to happen. Have you ever felt as if God favors you above others? At times He treats us as an only child.

Ruth 2:15
Boaz told his workers that they were to allow Ruth to do something that was not allowed. Ruth had no idea that it was Boaz that allowed her to fill her sacks. Boaz to them to purposely leave wheat for her to pick up. God in our lives places things in our lives without asking. About the time when you’re least expecting it God just throws you a handful of love.

Ruth 2:8-9
Being a part of God’s grace we find ourselves at His feet. Grace allows us to be at the feet of our Redeemer. How many times has our savior cleaned us, pick us up, etc.?