The Gospel Of The Star

December 6 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Matthew 2:1-12

The origin of the star was divine. It was a new star never to be seen before. The word of God is also divine and was created just for us. The wise men knew it was something different and knew it God that created it.

The star was something that everyone could see. Just like the star the word of God is also something that can be seen by anyone. It’s not something that is done in secret but available to anyone. Just because everyone could see the star, all they would have know was it was a different star. The same with the Gospel of Christ people see it as something different.

The star was placed above Jerusalem and the wise men knew this because they knew where Jerusalem was in relation to the star. It took great faith to begin this journey and it also takes great faith for one to begin their journey with the gospel.

Also with the star, there are many obstacles in the wise men’s way or faith. With the gospel of Christ there are also obstacles that get in the way. As the gospel goes out the obstacles seems to stop a person from getting closer to Christ. The key is to never give up until you find what you’re seeking. Many have a hard time to walk the aisle of the church to the altar yet all the while they can simply pray right where they are. Never give up!

The star moved and led the wise men right to where Jesus was. They had to follow the star which was something different than they were used to. Just like them, we have to follow the gospel. They had a choice to follow or not and we the same.

Once the goal was completed and they found Jesus, they bowed down and worshiped Jesus. Just as they we should also worship God once we find Him.