The Good Shepherd

January 15 2023
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 23:1-6

We are living our life in 2023 yet we fight the same adversary that was there in Genesis. Satan is the most faithful member of the church. We give the devil way too much credit. He is not omnipresent as God is. The devil needs people to do his job, minions.
There are people in Hell because they ignored their opportunity to be saved. When one walks into a church there is an opportunity to grow in God. We are in the last days. Read your bible. We are in the last days. The devil is trying to steal joy. He is trying to destroy your body and life.
Psalm 23; we have a shepherd. If you attend a church, the pastor is your shepherd. God is our ultimate shepherd. Many men are standing behind a pulpit preaching, teaching, and leading through false scripture. Shepherds lead sheep. Sheep are known as kind of dumb animals, they must have a shepherd. Goats are animals that will eat anything you through at them. Sheep do not like rough waters and will not go around them. They need still waters to ease their anxiety. The staff is used to keep danger away but it’s also used to pull the sheep into safety. The shepherd keeps us protected and cares for His flock by giving us a place of still water, using His staff to protect us.
Psalm 23:5; the enemy to the child of God is the devil. The devil will let you attend and sing all you want but He doesn’t want you to mention the name of Jesus. There are many gods in this world but there is only one Jesus. There are many women in the world yet when a man marries a woman they become one. Marriage takes work. 
The closer you get to God the harder you must fight. The devil doesn’t want you to get close and he will try his best to keep you from growing in Christ. The devil has already removed the Ten Commandants from the schools. Prayer isn’t allowed anymore in schools. It’s this way because the Christians didn’t fight the devil away. 
Many people are in jail today because of stupid things. Many are not in there for murder or something horrible. It’s something dumb that the devil got them into and then they were caught in that sin. Don’t let something stupid that the devil wants you to do get you thrown down.
The devil is the root of a problem. We are in the shape we are in today because of the devil. Before the devil, Adam and Eve had no care in the world, sin-free. Yet the devil came in and lied to them and they disobeyed God. From that point forward, sin was declared and people were cursed.
Got a mountain in your life that you need to be removed? Yes, we can ask God to remove that mountain, that obstacle that’s a hindrance or a burden. Sometimes God wants us to do something about it too. Sometimes He is waiting for us to pick up a shovel and start digging at that mountain to show Him we mean business.
The devil is defeated and has been. It’s already been declared and he knows that. This is the reason he is working overtime to destroy all he can. He knows that his time is limited and just like us, he doesn’t know when his time is over. The devil is watching and waiting for a foothold in your life to begin to take you down. Don’t let your guard down, stay aware! We all have a purpose in God’s church. When He calls you to do something, do it with all of your might and all of your heart.
God prepares us a table to feast from and if you leave the table not full that is your fault, not His. That’s like going to a free all-you-can-eat buffet and leaving still hungry. God’s feast is never bad, it’s always free, and it’s always available. Come to His table and feast with Him.
A Christian is not ignorant is the devils’ devices. The Bible is full of what the devil has done, successes and defeats. Those devices are limited and never change. We all face the same adversary. 
Nothing is too small or hard to God!