The Giver of Rights; the Saved

July 26 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Colossians 1:10-23

It’s very difficult to describe the greatness of God. The human mind just can’t comprehend His love and greatness. It also great to note that He loves the lost just the same as the saved. It rains on the losts gardens just the same as the saved when He sends the rains.

Do you ever wonder why God called your name? Jesus Christ loved us before we ever loved Him. God has the right to save a sinner. Now some will ask why He would save a person that is an evil doer in our eyes. It’s not about the goodness of the human flesh but of His grace. Some will say their genealogy is what will get them in, this is incorrect. Your linage has nothing to do with His salvation. He doesn’t love one over the other but all the same equally. Many people will and have turned a deaf ear to Gods word and His salvation. They march right into Hell because of their arrogance.

God is sovereign and He doesn’t have to come to anyone seeking salvation. He owes nothing to anyone. Jesus Christ died once and for ALL. Those that die lost can not blame Christ for their eternity in Hell. It’s their choice where their eternal home will be once God calls their name. God has a right to save just because Jesus made a way through His sacrifice.

Not only does God have a right to save but He also has a reason. The only way to receive Jesus Christ is to believe in Jesus Christ. Those that believe in Christ means that God has no choice than to have a reason.

As a child of a King, being saved, comes with many perks. The king owns everything just because He created everything. One can walk into the throne room of God and commune with Him. Whenever one wants to, they can just walk right in and talk. Knowing that in the end of our lives death will not be felt and once our eyes are open we will be in Heaven. Heaven a place where there will be no sorrow, death, evil or pains.

If you’re saved, fail not to use what God has given you. The privilege of holding His word. The honor of Him being our King, Father, the Love and the Hope.

When standing before God at your death, you will say amen to your own condemnation if you’re lost. You will not blame anyone else other than your choice to not believe when you had the choice.