The Giver of Rights; the Lost

July 26 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Genesis 2:7-9; 15-17

When we talk about the rights that we have, we must be careful that we recognized where they come from. In the United States we have certain rights but only because we are a citizen of the US. The men that stated our freedoms we see the terms life, liberty, and happiness and those are things that another person can’t give. Those things are given by God. Just as we have rights to be into citizenship of this country, we have rights from God. The rights we have in Christ are more important than those of this world. They are undeserving and the Christ should be praised for them, always.

Since we are created, we have a creator. The creator gave the creation particular rights. In this particular form we will discuss to the lost, the unbelievers. Now, God is there whether you believe in Him or not. There are many things that you’ve never seen but you believe in them. Take a look at the church building we are in. One doesn’t have to be around when it was planned out but in your common knowledge we know there had to be a builder, designer, architect, a common creator. It wasn’t by sure accident that the building just formed all on it’s own. Just the same with the things around us, there had to be a creator. That creator being God.

God being the creator of all things, He made humans different from the other creations. He gave humans the ability to make choices. No other creation has this choice, they simply live by the way that they were created. The clear choice is between good and evil. Just as there is a perfect being, there is a complete opposite being. In the beginning, Adam and Eve had a choice. They were told not to do something and yet they made a choice to do the wrong thing. We have no right to speak to God about our right they He has given us. We are His creation and He is our creator. We can not assert our rights over Gods rights. It simply doesn’t work that way no matter where or who one is.

In Noah’s time we see that the world had become extremely evil. God being the creator looked across all humans and seen they had become evil. Since He is the creator He had every right to destroy the earth, His creation. There wasn’t a single person that had the power to stop Him because He is the creator. The question is, does God have the right to do whatever He wants to? Yes, because He is the creator. Now God only knows what is right, perfect. We may not understand what He has done, but in the end it will always be perfect. Noah was the only follower of God at that time. The first point, did God have a right to destroy, yes. He is the creator of the creation, it’s His. Second point, did He have a reason, yes. Every person but Noah was purely evil. Then we see in the scripture the BUT point. But Noah found favor with God and God saved His family and only his family. God waited because He is gracious. He waited for one single person. God looked down on the hate of the world and found but only one man and came to him and told him to build an ark. He wanted Noah’s obedience to save some fo the animals and Noah’s family. For 120 years God showed His mercy. God then shut the door, locked it and saved Noah’s family because He loved Noah.

As an unbeliever there is one that you are accountable to whether you believe in Him or not. You will give an account to Him at the time of your death. Based upon your family and whether you believed on His son, Jesus Christ determines where your eternal home will be, Heaven or Hell. The most heinous sin is to deny His son, Jesus Christ for the greatest sacrifice ever made. So, if you go to Hell it’s because you rejected Jesus Christ. God has every right and He has every reason to cast you into Hell, but thru His love, mercy, and grace He loves you and offers a way of escape. You on your own will never be good enough.

Daniel 4
Seven years a king lived as an animal because He was warned of His unbelief. Finally the king came to his senses and acknowledged there is God. If God can bring a world king to his knees, He can bring you there as well and will.