The Exchange Rate

May 18, 2022

Series: Revival

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Scripture: Mark 8:34-38

The Wolfe Family
00:00 . . . . . Calvary’s The Reason Why
04:36 . . . . . Thank God I’m Free
07:18 . . . . . My Hope
12:02 . . . . . Brother Dewey Brown

The exchange rate is whatever someone determines it to be. Sometimes you determine what the exchange rate is and then there are other times that God determines the exchange rate. The most important thing that a person has been given is their soul. Most persons are more concerned about their hair than their soul. Most don’t even think about their soul but there is an exchange rate for the soul. What is your soul worth?

To another Christian someone else’s soul is important to them. God has set before all persons, life or death. Many are selling their souls for the worthless materials of this world. You determine what you will exchange your soul for. Many will exchange it for a good time. Is a ten-minute high worth an eternity in Hell? God has made a way out of Hell. There are people exchanging their souls over an emotion. They simply attend church for a feeling. One can cry tears and even weep but until you come to God in repentance then those tears are worthless. Many will die lost, the scripture states that wide is the way into Hell but that number doesn’t have to include you. Many people want to trade their soul for 10-pound bass. They might trade it for a buck deer. Some will spends hours or even days on the lake or hunting but can’t spend 5 minutes with God.

Once you give your soul to God then nothing can take it from you. Nothing! Jesus Christ stated that once you’re saved then you remain in God’s hand and nothing can pluck you out of there.

While you have breath, there is hope for you. The things of this world will fade away. A new vehicle surely becomes old. A new house quickly needs to be repaired. Salvation will never get old or need repairing. It will remain just as new as the minute it was given for eternity.

Do you feel that you’re judged? Satan is the only thing or person that’s been judged. He’s been judged yet you’ve not been yet. Jesus Christ came to this world and concurred death, the devil just so you could be saved.

Mark 8:37
What are you going to trade your soul for?
When you stand in front of God you will not get to determine what the exchange rate will be for your soul. Elon Musk owns billions and billions of dollars yet he still doesn’t own the world. Even if he did own the entire world and was lost he would still die and live for eternity in Hell. He just as you can’t purchase your way into Heaven.