The Compelling Love of Christ

November 14 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:11-18

When someone looks at you do they see Christ? Do they see the compassion of Christ? Do you waver to and from? There are people that are lost watching you and they see when you are not walking in the path of Christ.

The love of Christ is ever-present. It compels us and constrains us to continue for Him. The things of this world can and will tear us down. Just in the past few years, we see the world in such a godless culture. Our nation alone was established for God and yet we are kicking God out faster and faster each and every day.

Each time we are under the light of God we should examine ourselves to make sure we are doing His will. For the people of God as we move away from what God wants we have a reminder of going the wrong way. How tempting it is to gaze over the fence and see something you would like better than what is on your side of the fence. The temptations of the flesh are strong yet Christ is stronger.

Romans 5:5

The very thing that constrains us is the very Spirit that lives inside us. There are many that refuse to renounce Christ because they know what He means to them. If you’ve been born again then you have become a new person. If you do not have the Spirit of Christ then you’re not one of His, you’re lost. Many claim to love God, Jesus Christ yet have never been saved. If you’ve been born again then every day He makes a renewing of our soul. Once you’ve been born again you instantly receive the Holy Spirit. 

This compelling love for Christ should make us want to love our neighbor, everyone as Christ loves us. If you do not have this love then there is a Spiritual problem with you. If you can’t love your brother then you can’t love God. Your flesh will try to tell you that your brother deserves to be hated or disliked. It will give you all kinds of legit reasons to hate them. Yet, the flesh is sinful and desires to hate. We must daily kill off the flesh, put it off, keep the faith. The love for others is not something that can be manufactured because it comes from God.

Romans 8:35-39

The love abroad means it is spread to every place. The love of Christ is greater than any enemy. The proof is in the scripture. There are some that are battling things they’ve never battled before. But the love of Christ is bigger than anything that you will or are going through.

  • Tribulation
  • Distress
  • Persecution
  • Famine
  • Nakedness
  • Peril
  • Sword

None of these things have the power to conquer the love of God.

What can separate you from the love of Christ?

  • Death
  • Life
  • Angels
  • Principalities
  • Power
  • Things Present
  • Things to Come
  • Height
  • Depth
  • Creature

None of these things can separate you from the love of God! There is nothing that can take God’s love away from you. Nothing!

Be the best that you can be by examining your soul in comparison to Christ. Stop looking to others to see how you’re to live.

If you’re lost then you’re just looking through the window to the saved. There will come a day when the window will be opened and you will realize that you’re lost and need to be saved. Don’t wait. Don’t let anything stop you. Don’t push it away. Accept Christ as your personal savior. You won’t have to clean up yourself because Christ cleans it up for you. Call on Christ.